In Thailand, these massages have been practiced for centuries. In Europe, its gets more and more popularity. The popularity of Thai massages is growing steadily among Czech customers. Full Thai massage includes a combination of acupressure, work on energy tracks and stretching. Other massages differ because the massage mattress lies directly on the floor and is largely based on yoga positions. Thai massage is suitable for all ages.

We have a team of experienced Thai masseuses with years of experience that will take care of you and relieve you of the problems associated with muscle, joint or spinal pain. After any of our massages, you will feel relaxed and pleasantly relaxed.


It brings rest to the body and the spirit

You are relaxe, slow down, forget everyday worries and enjoy the rest and piece

Removes muscle and joint pain

A quality massage will help your body. Gradually wringing muscles and allowing for better regeneration

Stimulates blood circulation

Thanks to the good blood flow of your muscles, it will relax. This will improve regeneration again

Increases immunity

Regular visit to massage helps improve immunity. It is prevention against common diseases and against chronic diseases

Helps with headaches, migraines, insomnia and stress

High quality massage will help with migraine and headaches.

It supports metabolism and helps to remove harmful substances from the body

Thanks to good blood circulation, massage helps with digestion and metabolism.



Book the term online or by calling +420 736 799 444 or by mail

We recommend

2-3 hours before a message don´t eat. You will enjoy the massage more

If you have any health problems and you are not sure if you can have a massage, please contact us. We will like to make a consultation. And together we will select the best choice for you.

Reservation cancel

Reservation can be canceled no later than 24 hours before the booked date.